Broadcasting from Cabbagetown, Atlanta, Georgia
Hello, and thank you for visiting. My name is Brad, and I have loved old radio shows since I was very young. I would be up past my bedtime, with my AM radio, tuning and tuning... and I discovered a local radio station broadcasting "Hall of Fantasy". It scared the crap out of me, and I was forever hooked. (That episode "Stones Revenge" is still one of my favorites). Since that time , I have collected many hours of old horror genre shows. I had a hard time finding an online stream that was devoted exclusively to the strange and supernatural, so I decided to start one up.

My stream was originally hosted from my home, on my own bandwidth, as a way for me to be able to listen to my collection from work. I soon began to notice that 4 slots were not enough, so I opened up 6 slots, and within a day or two, the same problem! I am very pleased that this stream has picked up so many listeners so quickly. I am privileged to bring you these lost shows, and I hope to pass on the love of OTR to a new generation.

For Streamcasting, I simply use Winamp, with the free streamcasting plugin. My winamp streams my output over to my host (, who provide the meaty bandwidth to pass the stream on to you. From time to time, I generate a random playlist, to keep things constantly changing.

My collection includes over 1300 episodes ( over 500 hours of audio) It must be remembered that these are, after all, very old shows - so some of them may require you to adjust your EQ settings to make them tolerable. To me, that’s all part of the fun!

Some of the more popular shows are: Hall of Fantasy, Strange Dr Weird, The Weird Circle, Lights Out, Escape, Mysterious Traveler, CBS Mystery Theatre, Quiet Please, The Sealed Book, Nightfall, and more.(I keep a more comprehensive list in the (Fear Forums - Please Visit!) I am hoping to add more shows soon.

AM I MISSING ANYTHING? Only you would know... If you have a show that you think would go well on Horror Theatre, regardless of era, please let me know. I would love to play whatever you want to hear! I can gladly make arrangements for you to upload files for adding - or feel free to contact me, whatever the reason at:

The last thing is: Horror theatre costs me money, personally, to run. I know you probably already pay a Kings' ransom for your internet, but if you enjoy Horror Theatre, you can show your thanks by making a donation, by paypal, to the email address above. If you will write me a note with your donation, I will mail you a CD with my top 20 Personal favorite horror MP3's to your address. The best of the best. I hope you enjoy these old shows as much as me...Mwha ha ha

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